Knitting Needles 101

So, you’ve spent your Sunday afternoon browsing Ravelry for that PERFECT sweater pattern and repinning all your inspirations to your “knitting” board, and the unimaginable happens. I mean, it’s like the pink unicorn of knitting - you found the perfect project AND you’ve got the yarn for it. As you skim the pattern, you notice the designer calls for 8mm needles, straight or circular. So you head over to your needle stash, doing your best not to make eye contact with the judgmental gaze of the three WIP’s waiting to be completed, and now one more decision stands between you and unfinished WIP #4 - which needles do I use for this?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Ultimately, the material you choose is all about preference. If the clackity-clack sound of metal needles gets to you, then maybe you’ll want to use something smoother, like bamboo or wood. It’s a good idea to have some variety in your stash, so you can play around with what works for you. For myself, although I prefer wood and bamboo needles, I also have plenty of plastic and metal in my stash too.

Here’s a guide you can use to decide:

What's YOUR preference?

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