Toronto's first ever knit party!

This past Saturday, September 12th, Toronto played host to an event of epic proportions.. The city's first ever knit party!

Anna & I had been planning this event for the past few months, so we were SUPER excited for the day to finally come. Even though we love running own online store, nothing beats meeting new friends who share a mutual love of yarn (not to mention, a mutual disdain for the city’s erratic weather).

For the event, we rented a cozy studio at the Gladstone Hotel, a boutique art hotel in the heart of Toronto on Queen West. It was everything we had wanted as our first venue - ultra trendy and in touch with the growing arts movement in Canada. We arrived an hour prior to event kick off and got started on decorating right away.

Oversized clothespins? Swatches? Wool and the Gang kit bags? Yes please!

A few of the ladies arrived before our start time, which was nice because we got to mingle a bit before we got our knit on. Our project for the day was the Tender Loving Clutch!

We made four different colors available to our TO gang - Pop Noir, Lipstick Red, Mellow Yellow and Nude Lips. The most popular color that day was Pop Noir, which happened to be my personal fave as well.

The kit includes instructions on how to make 12 different variations of the clutch - with three difficulty levels and four different straps to choose from, everyone’s project was truly #madeunique. It was awesome having a mix of both beginners and experienced knitters in the group, 'cause at the end of the day we had a good variety of clutches to show for!

SHH! The ladies are hard at work! 

Happily working on their intermediate level pattern in Pop Noir

Aside from working hard on our projects, we had an awesome time chatting about what Netflix shows we can’t get enough of, how we all got started knitting/crocheting, and our mutual love for T-Swizzle. 

I present to you the #TOknitgang!

Missed out on our first party? No worries - we will be hosting more in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when our next party takes place! 


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