Things to Make with Scrap Yarn

So you’ve just completed your latest project and are feeling super proud of your work. You’ve essentially just transformed a squishy ball of fluff into something you can actually display, wear, or gift. How freakin' amazing is that?

But now you’ve got a dilemma. There is not a single knitter or crocheter who hasn’t asked themselves this: What in the world should I do with all my scrap yarn? Throwing it out isn't an option because... well... it's YARN. Well, here's some ideas I hope can solve your dilemma! 


    We actually hosted our very first pompom keychain workshop at the Gladstone Hotel last week and had an amazing time meeting other creative folks in the six. We love making pompoms because the simple ones are (relatively) mindless to make, and the color possibilities are endless! The more scraps you have, the better.



    Personalization is IN. Add your initials to a beanie or a sweater sleeve - it takes just a few meters of yarn and you'll have a piece that's truly yours.  

    Photo credit: Wool and the Gang



    Tassels are extremely versatile - You've probably seen them used as earrings, bag charms, curtain ends, necklaces.. The list goes on. Totally diggin' how this blogger used tassels to decorate an otherwise plain wall. 

    Photo credit & pattern: Real Purdy blog



    I'm absolutely in love with modern takes of classics such as the coaster. These make great Christmas gifts too!

    Photo credit & pattern: Repeat Crafter Me



    You'll most likely have leftover yarn from your Lil' Hold Tight or Hold Tight Clutch kits, so why not make yourself a chunky T-shirt yarn bracelet?

    Photo credit & pattern: V and Co.



    Transform a pair of drab shorts or a skirt into something cutesy and elegant by adding a lace trim! Use white yarn for a classy look, or leftover black yarn for a sexier vibe.

    Photo credit & pattern: Just Skirts and Dresses



    If you know how to braid, you'll know how to make a dog toy. It's simple: Use leftover T-shirt yarn or multiple strands of cotton yarn held together, braid, and knot it on both ends. Reinforce the ends with a sewing needle and TADA! You can now distract your furry best friend busy while you *ahem*.. start your next project.

    Photo credit: LVLY



    It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! 'Nuff said.

    Photo credit & pattern: One Dog Woof



    Okay, so this project requires a LOT of scrap yarn, but scrap yarn nonetheless! I love Stephen West's vibrant patterns, and this one is no exception. His Garter Squish pattern is simple yet purposeful.

    Photo credit & pattern: claupe's Garter Squish



    For one of my best friend's bridal showers, I wanted to do something special for her guests. Using my leftover yarn from my Beatnik Dress, I knit little hearts and sewed them onto a simple cardstock for a unique thank you card.



    Yarn bombing seriously makes me happy. No idea and don't care how it started, but I'm glad it's catching on all around the world and hope to see it more in Toronto!

    Photo credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids



    Oct 07, 2015

    The hearts are super fun to make, GG! Can’t wait to see your cards :)

    Customer Service
    Oct 07, 2015

    The hearts have me! Going to get me some card stock now!! I love this! Thank you!


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