DIY // Fluffy Blanket Scarf

It's been a while since we've posted a pattern on our blog, the last pattern being our wrecked tee knit pattern. Since the weather outside is (going to get) frightful, we concocted a scarf pattern that is the perfect combination of sparkly, light, and warm. Yup, we nailed it. 

The scarf is really wide, so you can wrap it like a snood, or wear it like a shawl. It's also super lightweight, so it's perfect for this flip-floppy weather we'll be having for the next couple of months until old man winter settles in. 


Final piece measures 47cm x 140cm (18.5” x 55”) 


30sts across 20 rows makes a 10cm/4” swatch.


Garter Stitch: knit on right and wrong side

Stockinette Stitch: knit on right side, purl on the wrong side

Stitches (sts)




4 x Debbie Bliss Angel, 25g/200m (219yds)

1 pair of 3.25mm needles


 Cast on 80 sts

  • Rows 1 - 8: knit 80sts (garter stitch).
  • Rows 9: purl 80 sts.
  • Row 10: knit 80 sts. Continue working in stockinette stitch for 3 more rows (rows 11-14).
  • Row 15 - 22: knit 80sts.
  • Row 23 - 28: Work in stockinette stitch, starting with the purl side.
  • Rows 29: - 36: knit 80 sts.
  • Rows 37 - 43: work in stockinette stitch, starting with the purl side.
  • Rows 44 - 51: knit 80 sts.
  • Rows 52 - 58: work in stockinette stitch, starting with the purl side.

Continue working the pattern by repeating rows 1-58 five more times, until your piece measures 140cm. You should see a stripes effect formed from alternating between the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch.

Now it's time to make your own! You can get all the materials in our shop, and get a head start on your Christmas list, or just reward yourself. Don't forget to share them with us on Instagram and tag your pictures #hankandhook


Nov 05, 2015

Thanks Ellerie! I would say you can replace the the lace mohair with any lace weight yarn that’s soft, like an alpaca, merino or mohair, and you’d probably get a really nice outcome. It won’t have the same fluffy effect like the one you get with mohair, BUT at least you’ll be comfortable. Hope this helps!

Nov 05, 2015

This is so pretty! Too bad I am allergic to mohair……
(Are there any other yarns like this using another fiber?)

Oct 29, 2015

Thanks for the kind words GG! Lace weight projects can definitely be a labor of love, but once you’re done you’ll be happy you started it :)

Oct 28, 2015

this is lovely! I just shared it on my page, but lace weight..NOPE..will you make it for me? LOL!


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